Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flora Louise

I've got nothing better to do today except try not to be sick, might as well look through pictures and practice being better friends with Photoshop.

So here's "Burlesque Me" from the other night. The wig is named Flora Louise after Louise Brooks.

I was on a platform behind a stage that was ordinarily a guy's bedroom. I set the camera on his bed and ran really fast across the room against the wall before the ten second timer went off.
[I was by myself and a little drunk while I did this, which would explain why I forgot to make sure the camera didn't take itself off of monochrome for the first shot. I usually don't like myself in color. ;0]

This was the second shot, and I put the camera back on monochrome. In this one post-production, I fixed Louise's hair, the skuzzy ends of my lace gloves, and removed a wristband and also an annoying spot on the wall behind my head in Photoshop:

I hate Photoshop, but I think I did okay with it. :)


  1. Stop by my blog when you get a free moment, I have something for you =)

  2. Did you notice the above post? I dedicated it to you, hahahaha.