Monday, April 19, 2010

Catherine Mahan

I'm sure it would have worked in b&w* but she's Irish, therefore, green.

A lot of miner's lettuce in this cemetery. The next grave over had only a wooden marker, the name long ago weathered-off, but the whole plot was completely covered in miner's lettuce and only miner's lettuce. I wonder if the person down there was a miner? I wonder if anyone even knows who lies there? Catherine was fortunate that someone was able to afford a stone marker so she could be remembered by name.

*(trying to get the color out of my system.)


  1. I always wonder about the people who are buried. What were their lives like?

    I have browsed/read this entire page as well as the BRMC post on the next page. You do take awesome pics!

  2. I like to think Catherine is remembered in the tales of love expressed in tiny motherly acts passed down from one generation to another. The Irish are lovers of tales of family given lovingly to the next generation.

    Your pictures are eye-holding and often profound. Thanks for sharing, Roland

  3. That was one of the most complimentary comments I've ever received. ;)