Thursday, July 15, 2010

I need your help!!!!

*stuff about contest for a trip to Iceland deleted*

Extinct volcanoes, at sunset, NOT ICELAND:

*stuff about contest deleted*

*Leaving the part about my friend and her son's blogs*=

Guðrún Kristín Valgersdóttir and her son Gabríel Alexander - both have blogs- they're in Icelandic though- go see for the pictures, if your Icelandic is as rusty [or non-existent] as mine! and


  1. I voted twice. A little trick for the gmail users. You can put a period (.) between characters in your address and have it show up as a totally different address and still be valid. in my case I have used janders223, j.anders223, ja.nders223, so on and so on. Let's get this awesome chick to Iceland!

  2. Dude! That is made of 1000% awesome. I have like at least two or three gmail accounts myself!

  3. Sweet! Thanks!

    Tell your friends, family, neighbors, ect. to vote for me! Get your grandma online with a couple of Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses- use them all- make a party out of it!

    I've got a difficult uphill climb against a guy that does radio and people with lots of friends in real life! Ayyyyy!

  4. Really like the one with the fog. Reminds me of Forest of Nisine Marks. Not sure if I spelled that right. It's been a while. Used to mountain bike there all the time. Or the Pogonip below UCSC Santa Cruz. Wish I was back there.