Monday, November 22, 2010

The Grumpy Gargoyle*

*Technically a "grotesque" because he's obviously not a water fixture, but that may be the source of his grumpiness. (I quite like him, actually.)


  1. I love gargoyles. He looks like someone took his favorite chew toy away, hahaha

  2. That's funny you say that, because he was by a couple of other dragonesque grotesques that looked like happy, eager dogs. Later that day I went to a Buddhist Monastery with the some temple defenders (looked dragon-like) outside that had the expressions of happy dogs playing and pleasing their masters. One had a ball, one was squashing a demon under his foot. I swear I saw the same expression on my golden retriever once when he caught a squawking, live chicken in his mouth and proudly jogged it over to me. (Poor, pathetically frightened chicken!)

    I was going to upload all the dragons and gargoyles at once and call it "Monsters of San Francisco" but as my posting rate is only half of what it was last year, I decided to drag it out more. I've been such a lazy uploader since I broke my hard drives.

  3. Ooooh dragons... I love dragons. I never see any, hell I hardly see gargoyles around here. Would love to see them!