Thursday, November 21, 2013

NIN-LV, 16-Nov-2013, Soundcheck*

*Wherein the urge to document smiling overcomes the desire to post only good photos...and damn it, everyone was smiling because Trent Reznor decided out of the blue to reward 40 fans who pitched in to buy tickets for a fan who couldn't afford them with a special five song set Saturday afternoon.

And yes, click the pictures to view larger. If that's what you're into, anyway.

Crudely drawn black light phallus courtesy of Mattia.

I got Pino to smile by example.
I can't claim any responsibility here though.

Shoulder rubs by Sharlotte. The tour is called "Tension" after all...
Random laughter and smiling.

 View from the rail...
 (*cough* "Alex has shiny glasses at NIN")

 I wasn't sure about Lisa and Sharlotte when I first read about them joining the tour, but as I said on the forum, I'll pay double to see them again on the next tour. KILLING. IT.

It was so amazingly mind-blowing to have this experience. Thank you to all the NIN crew for making this happen for us!

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