Thursday, August 27, 2009

The anticipation is making me kinda sick.

In one week and one day I'll be driving to L.A., with the knowledge of what was played at Palladium and Henry Fonda.

I followed the NYC shows live & will likely do the same for Chicago is this week...*heart palpitations*

I believe L.A.
will be the sickest of all three cities if for no other reason than it will be the Last of the Last. *squish, squish*

I'm planning on bringing my camera but debating on whether or not that's really a good idea- I don't want it to get hurt or stolen, after all. She's my baby. Having said that, I want to be in the pit so badly that I'm trying to work out how to sleep on the sidewalk with like-minded friendly folk just to have a chance to be one of the first ones in.

Torn: pit or photo ops?

I think: if something happens like last night- Peter Murphy hanging upside down by his feet like a bat (!!?!!) - I would never forgive myself for not having a camera on me.

Like everything else, I guess I'll feel it out when I get there. My gut usually doesn't let me down.


  1. Yeah take the camera. The risk of its destruction is outweighed by the rarity of the event.

  2. Thanks, Man. I'm leaning in that direction.