Monday, August 3, 2009

Edith, Zealous & Wife

Poor Edith, she was in the Catholic cemetery.

Unlike the "public" cemetery
, the Catholic cemetery had gates that locked the Protestants & heathens out. When I was in 6th grade, idiots with nothing better to do and no respect for the dead whatsoever, probably pissed that the place was locked up, went on a late night drunken spree, knocking over 100 year old tombstones and senselessly vandalizing the cemetery. It looks like Edith was in their path. I was quite surprised to learn this past weekend that there are no longer gates on the Catholic cemetery. I don't know when they did that, but it was probably a good idea.

The public cemetery- was right across the street and was never vandalized when I was growing up. I've been going there since I was 10 or 11 because of a Girl Scout troop leader's bright idea to teach us to rub headstones with newsprint and crayons. Took friends there when I learned to drive at 16 because I could drive right in and park, and voila, "we're cool teenagers hanging out in the cemetery..." Someone might even have smoked a cigarette...

Not a particularly interesting cemetery but has some Chinese graves, some cool antique tombstones, and good ol' Zealous Bates (from Boston) and his wife, America:

Although I strongly doubt that the cemetery is haunted, there are stories that the canal that it borders *is*. I've never seen anything, but God knows enough people have drowned in that canal, so yeah, it's possible... Plus, there's supposedly the mass Chinese grave nearby...but no one talks about that and I doubt anyone knows anything about that anymore anyway...

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