Thursday, February 17, 2011

House of the Faithful

Coming back from a funeral and I decide to stop in this little podunk town because they have a real tortilleria run by actual Mexicans who make real, fresh tortillas- not those corn frisbees found wrapped in plastic bags at the grocery store that smell like mildew when you first bring them home. I love fresh tortillas. Kryptonite. Seriously.

There's this abandoned house next door to the tortilleria that I've always admired but never checked out. So, camera in hand, I decide to look- to my surprise it appears to be an old church. I suppose that explains why no one has torn it down despite the fact it appears to be disintegrating. I tried to find out what church it was on the internet, but being a really rural place, I couldn't find anything about it.

For once I'm posting both color and black and white pictures in one post. I prefer the black and white (because I always do), but there's something about the rust and mold that I like in the color shots.


  1. Lol, it looks like a mold bomb went off.

  2. Too bad I didn't meet you before moving far away from Rhome. We could have ben photo buddies! Having trouble focusing? Sure I'll hold the flashlight for you.. :)

  3. Eh. That's why God invented Greyhound...and those little cracker sandwiches with the peanut butter already in them.

  4. Greyhound? 2 days driving would be way longer on a bus, and you wouldn't be able to whistle (at least not without blowing chunks of orange crackers in someone's face). :)