Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mindless musing about Photoshop and all the pictures I lost last year

I miss Photoshop almost as much as all the pictures I lost in the great double-hard-drive-calamity of May '10. I kept it installed on my external drive because it hogged a lot of space on my already over-stressed computer and when the drives tumbled to the ground, so did my capacity to do anything with Photoshop. I was never very adept at it, but I had a couple of cool plug-ins that I used somewhat frequently. I've been unsuccessful in trying to reload it on my computer- there must be remnants of the previous install remaining and even though I have an honest, real, paid for version, (granted two versions old now), it won't let me re-install. Even worse- those neat plug-ins I used to use? Can't find them anywhere.

*waa-waa* Sad trombone.


  1. Sorry to hear that. :( You should be able to get support from Adobe with having a legitimate version of the software.

  2. Unfortunately Adobe doesn't want to help with past software versions. I need to fork over the $200 to upgrade and hopefully they don't come out with CS6 while I'm saving up for my possible sinus surgery, dental work, and the hard drive recovery.

  3. :( http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/400/kb400992.html Maybe that will give you some ideas. Could be some files from the previous installation or registry entries. It'd likely be hard to figure it out with looking at your system personally. :(