Monday, May 21, 2012

NINJA Tour - May 22, 2009, Mountain View, CA - Part One

It's almost the third anniversary of this amazing concert. I never got around to uploading too many photos from it for some reason and each year on the anniversary I have vowed to post them to make up for that. So, the first year came and went. Then the second year came and went. Maybe I shouldn't admit that and pretend that I always meant to post these on the third anniversary? Anyway, these are all new; I made sure not to repost any that were already posted in 2009.
So, the first thing we saw were these idiots spreading hate outside. As you can probably well imagine, they were universally reviled and mocked by the concert-goers. We are proud to say that no souls were saved that day, not even those that belonged to these sorry hypocrites.
First up was Street Sweeper Social Club, a band that only made the final decision on their name after the tour was announced. Aw, bless ya, Boots and Tom!
I had a helluva time trying to get a photo where Boots or Tom didn't have their back to the audience.
The concert started early, in daylight, and many people did not arrive until much later. These fans were showing their love early.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a good shot of Tom's "Arm the Homeless" guitar. He had a few of them, but that one was hard to get in the bright sunlight for some reason.

They all jumped a lot, but Carl might have jumped highest. "Air Carl Restivo."He used to follow me on Twitter, but like almost all the celebrities who have followed me at one time or another, eventually bored of my inane chatter. In my defense: it's FUCKING TWITTER. *ahem*

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