Monday, May 21, 2012

NINJA Tour - May 22, 2009, Mountain View, CA - Part Four

I love love love Eric Avery, but could I get a picture of him smiling or not looking away? Nope. That's okay, I was still happy to see him.
Stephen Perkins: Drummer, smiley guy, kilt connoisseur.
Considering Perry took an ambulance ride to the E.R. due to a calf injury sustained only about a week and a half before this concert, it's amazing that I have photographic proof of no fewer than seven or eight very significant jumps during the course of this performance. This probably drove Etty freaking crazy.
Black Canary Barbie looks on in amusement.
This looks similar to a photo I posted in very early 2010...but it's not. It's the next one.
Before the concert, I was telling my friend, "I hope Stephen wears a kilt!" Not that that's unusual or anything- neither me wanting to see a man in a kilt nor for him to wear one.
Stephen kept smiling. Too bad I couldn't get a very good photo of it.
Dave's casual "I'm an effortless rockstar" portion of the concert.

Dave looks to his muse.
This photo isn't out of focus. I'm looking at that bottle of wine that Perry kept drinking from. Considering just about everyone else on this tour abstains, it kinda stood out.
Perry looks dangerously close to assaulting Dave with maracas.
Dave Navarro tweeted this photo, though he also called Mountain View, "San Francisco". You can see Dan Cleary just off to the side of the stage. Dan Cleary used to follow me on Twitter too, but...whatever. Twitter in 2009 was a lot more uh, communal.
Not a good photo, but a decent one of the set. It was beauuuutiful!

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