Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pillow Fight!!!

I debated even posting these as the majority of them are of children...and I have no model releases...but I decided that a public event such as World Pillow Fight Day needs to be publicized as much as possible. This post is my sole exception to the share-alike license I have on this blog- these may not be shared; they are copyrighted because I say so.

If anyone recognizes their picture or their child's picture and wants me to remove the photo, please message me. Thanks.

OMG, I nearly didn't post anything at all for April

I missed my blog's two year birthday and everything!

I log in and see that we now have the option for "Dynamic Views" or some layout bullshit because apparently Blogger feels threatened enough by Tumblr to adopt some of their more creative page layouts. I'm interested...yet, Chronology isn't a bad format and I like the text to go with the photos, (if I choose to write text to go with the photos, that is), thank you very much.

This is just a stand-in post while I sort through photos I took in the last month or so.

Yes...there are more Preston Castle photos but so much sorting to do. (I saw your comment, Alycen, I'm just being lazy! Sorry!)