Sunday, July 15, 2012

...and yet another "cemetery angel".

As these seem to be my most searched for (aka "most stolen") photos, maybe "Cemetery Angel" should be its own label?

The Jesus and Mary Chain at Hollywood Park, Inglewood, CA - 15 June 2012

 I intentionally abandoned this picture mid-shot, and then decided I liked the effect anyway.
 There were more than a few, "I love you, William" shouts yelled that night.
 Anyone think maybe I was pissing Jim off a bit ? He wasn't having the best night, but I love him anyway.
 Another abandoned shot that I decided I liked after the fact anyway.
Sorry for the delay. I lagged...for no good reason at all. I'm just lazy these days.
Here's William's setlist, if you're curious:

Preening Swan