Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Admit it: you wanted to see more of Robert Levon Been under colored lights

These are totally out of order- and the last one I nearly didn't include at all because it's blurry and that light sucks- but oh well. I have a nice wine buzz going and I don't care.

That otherwise-not-quite-up-to-quality-standards picture is one of the few I got where RLB got on guitar and was on the right side of the stage* where HRC and I were standing.

I thought I'd make at least one more BRMC post today in PURDY COLORS seeing as how I've received more hits in this blog on one single day today than ever before because
and thus my lil ol' photo blog by extension got picked up by (and now I'm seeing -yay, wooo!). *Hi, People!*

Like I say in my little bio over there on the side of the page, I don't care what you do with my photos- I see lots of you downloading them- and that's cool...just credit me if you use them anywhere and don't sell them. That's all I ask. I don't own the boys and neither do you! Cheers! ;)

P.S.- I've still got more to upload but like I said, I shot 1700 pictures of the band, and pruning them has been quite an undertaking. Yet more's an obsession, what can I say?

*Which reminds me: Peter Hayes with come! ;)

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