Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Purely Documentary: BRMC Mega-post!

Not all "great" pictures or the best representation of what I can do with my camera but I'm trying to get the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club out of my system! I've got other stuff to post now!

Triumph...nice. ;)

"Open Invitation" was left off the list- it was the last song. Beautiful.

Peter and Robert shared a "moment".

Seems that after going to Slim's last night on her birthday, and getting in the free appearance at Amoeba today, Hardrockchick went to see A Place to Bury Strangers then ran back to Slim's to catch BRMC AGAIN tonight. That girl has seen them four times now in the last week and a half- twice today alone, with Io Echo and APTBS in between- not to mention that little weekend trip she took to NYC to meet Alice In Chains. I swear that girl is my hero.

As for me, I just marathon posted these pictures over the course of four hours while listening to Beat The Devil's Tattoo on repeat...I reserve the right to return to "The Night of Hundreds of BMRC Photos" at another time, but I want to move onto posting other photos of other subjects again. :)

P.S.- Since there are still people coming here from other sites to look at BRMC photos, please click on the tag and click "Older Posts" once you get to the bottom of the page. It appears this mega-post attempted to break Blogger and now all my BRMC posts won't display on one page. ;)


  1. Brilliant photos on this mega-post, I specially love the "Peter and Robert shared a moment" ones :)


  2. Some good ones, but like I said I just had to post some for the "documentary" purpose and to get them out of my system. Still "good" ones are unposted but I may come back after a little while to those...mostly black and whites of Peter's guitar. ;) I just have to move onto other work now. :):):):)

  3. Awww...thanks, HRC, aka, the Luckiest Girl in BRMC fandom, geez.