Wednesday, March 10, 2010

At the feet of Peter Hayes

So, BRMC's album came out yesterday, they had a release party show at Slim's and Hardrockchick was there. Lucky girl got to meet Peter Hayes who wished her a happy birthday... Today BRMC performed at Amoeba on Haight in San Francisco for free and are doing the same at the Amoeba in Hollywood on Friday. I wouldn't know of that except I received a very nice email from Lisa Melton of Amoeba telling me of this plus the fact the show will be streamed live here and you can download the first song of the album, Beat The Devil's Tattoo, for free at that link as well. I told her I'd post it, so there ya go.

I am now officially a BRMC cheerleader.

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  1. Flora,

    I was the Echoplex on the 12th, and I fell in love. Deepest appreciation for these BRMC pics. I wish I could follow them around the world like a puppy, but alas, a girl's gotta work. Keep shootin!